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Here's some questions we've been asked (in no particular order). Please send all other questions to here

1. I Click on My Cart and it just takes me back to the home page. Why?
Firstly, have you actually added something to your cart? You do this by clicking on the buy button. This should add a yellow line near the top of the page (below the browse by letter links) that tells you how many items are in your cart. If the yellow bar not appear it means your browser is not set up to accept cookies from us. Do the following to allow cookies from us:
a) Along the toolbar (of internet explorer) click on the "tools" menu
b) On this menu choose "internet Options"
c) Click on the third tab (Which should be "Privacy", if it isn't find the one called "Privacy")
d) Click on the button called "Advanced"
e) In here there should be a checkbox that says "You can choose how cookies are handled in the internet zone. This overrides automatic cookie handling" Is this already checked on yours? (if it isn't please check this).
f) Once checked, then make sure that also the first and third-party cookies "accept" checkbox is checked and that the "Always Allow Session Cookies" is also checked.
AOL customers (who use an AOL browser) should follow this link for instructions : http://webmaster.info.aol.com/cookieguide.html
Still having problems? email us let us know what browser you are using and we'll send you instructions.
2. Is your site secure?
Yes. From the point where you enter sensitive information (your address and credit card detials) the site becomes secure, this is at the check out.
3. Do you accept money orders or cheques?
Yes we do. We accept Australian money orders and cheques made payable to Red Eye Records in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS ONLY.
4. Are you in anyway affiliated with the Red Eye label?
Well, it grew out of the shop but was a seperate company. We stock as much of the labels releases as we can (new and second hand).
5. What is your returns policy?
We will accept returns only if the item that we sent you is not the item that you ordered on the site or if the item is faulty. APPROVAL FOR A RETURN MUST BE GRANTED FIRST.
6. If I have ordered an out of stock item and it has been longer than the time stated on the site does this mean its unavailable?
It's sometimes possible for an item to take longer than the estimated time to arrive. If our supplier does not have it in stock it may take them a while to fill our order. We ask that you be patient, but if you have had something on order for longer than the estimated time and you would like to cancel it, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.
7. How can I tell if it's in stock?
If it is in stock it will say so in the box under the price.
8. Is everything listed on your site available?
We try and keep as up to date with all our suppliers databases, unfortunately they don't. From time to time an item will be listed that is no longer available, if we are aware of this we will let you know as soon as we receive your order. All in stock items are available to ship immediately.
9. How long will my item take to arrive if it was in stock when i placed my order?
Usually, an item shipped to a destination within Australia should only take 5 working days, we do not ship out on weekends. Overseas customers usually receive their packages within two weeks, but could possibly take an extra week or two depending on the time of the year (Christmas etc.)
10. Can I pay with cash?
You can send cash payment (IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS or US DOLLAR EQUIVALENT PLUS 10%) but we will not be held responsible if the cash does not reach us.
11. Items that have prices as TBA, what happens in regards to buying them? When you go to the checkout, that particular item comes up as $0.00AUD are these free?
No. You will be contacted when the item arrives with the total price. We will then await confirmation before sending the item out.
12. Do you have tracklistings for items?
We have track listings for in stock items only sorry.
13. Some DVDs do not list the region how can I tell which region is which?
Please e-mail us and we will let you know.
14. I have seen something on the site with a price of $0.98 is this really the price?
Probably not...This would be a database listing from one of our suppliers that has miss-keyed the price. In this case we would e-mail you to advise of the approximate cost before going ahead with the order.
15. You have listed a second hand item that is selling for the same price as a new copy! What gives?
Usually in this case it is a new item that we are selling at our Pitt Street location, we are currently working on fixing the comment for these items, if by chance the item actually is second hand we would revise the total and let you know the second hand cost.
16. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and BANKCARD (Australia and New Zealand only). We also accept money orders IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS ONLY!